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Guide to awesome Band Rehearsals!



Put together a long term and short term plans for the band. Are you getting ready for a tour? Are you adding new songs to the sets? Writing new songs? Getting ready to record?


With your goals set, determine how often you will need to get together to meet those goals. How much space will you need for rehearsal? How long will each rehearsal need to be? Remember to account for setup and breakdown time for all of your gear if you can't leave everything set up at your rehearsal location. 



Make a schedule for when and where rehearsals will take place and make sure that everyone knows how to check the schedule.

There are some great websites for managing shared calendars that members can use to list their availability as well as put in specifics about when and where rehearsal will take place.


It's all about keeping everyone on the same metaphorical sheet of music. People don't know what you don't tell them. It is a good idea to establish one formal communication channel for all band-related business; whether it is for songs to prepare for the next rehearsal or changes to song arrangements. Details for the next gig. Pick one, and stick to it.

Some good communication tools include:

Some communication tools that may seem good, but should be used with caution. It can be difficult to navigate conversations when you have several topics being discussed at the same time. And it can be difficult to find specific messages from a few months ago.

  • Facebook Messenger

  • SMS Texting


It's now time to rehearse!

  • Be prepared.

  • Arrive on time.

  • Set up.

  • Record your rehearsal. Setup a mic and just hit record.

  • Have fun!


If in-person rehearsals are not possible due to schedule or distance or other factors outside of everyone's control -- there are some options that might work. Results may vary, but they are tools worth exploring.

Finally, for other collaboration, there are other tools you can use to record and share songs and work independently to bring everything together; we release that list soon.

Have we missed anything that should be on this page? Let us know!